ViziQuer/web Tool for RDF Data Analysis Queries

Graphically construct and execute rich data analysis queries over RDF data

Supports both data instance level and aggregate queries

Query environment Open
Login as to a demo environment, or register as a new user.

Check out the code to set up the tool locally.

Quick intro The query environment for every user is organized in projects. The project relies on data schema for name completion and SPARQL generation, as well as SPARQL endpoint connection for query execution. Every project consists of diagrams, there can be single or several queries in a diagram.
An initial user manual is available.

Enter the query environment with user for pre-configured demo and sandbox projects.
The Working examples below provides resources to set up new user projects.
Use experimental data schema retrieval service for custom data endpoints (manual post-tuning could improve quality).

Working examples
Example Data schema SPARQL endpoint More..
Mini-university Download
Named graph = MiniUniv
OWL ontology
Example data dump
Hospital data Download
Named graph = MiniBkusEN
More ..
Linked movie data Download
Named graph = LinkedMDB
Credit ..
ISWC 2017
A local data copy is at:
Named graph=iswc2017
See also more data at:
Ontology (scholarly data) source
Extended example information
Custom example Experimental
web service
Use your own** Good luck!
* not configured for external access
** currently only endpoints backed by OpenLink Virtuoso tested, updates to follow
*** visualization by OWLGrEd

Contacts Email for support (incl. server problem/downtime reports), local installation options and other ViziQuer-related matters

Core team
  • Prof. Karlis Cerans
  • Dr. Agris Sostaks
  • Dr. Arturs Sprogis
  • Dr. Lelde Lace
  • Dr. Uldis Bojars
  • Julija Ovcinnikova
  • Mikus Grasmanis
  • We work at Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia

    Earlier versions The earlier ViziQuer tool versions (Windows desktop) are not supported at the moment; they are avalable just for a reference.

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  • See also OWLGrEd - a tool for graphical OWL ontology visualization and authoring.
    OBIS - Ontology Based Information System. Get a web based information system just from data ontology.