ViziQuer/web Tool for RDF Data Analysis Queries

A Hospital Data Example

ViziQuer/web main page ViziQuer/web main page

Visual query endpoint The visual query engine is here (

Use login info to access a project with pre-configured hospital ontology. Use Google Chrome for best experience.

A brief tool usage instruction can be viewed here.

Hospital data ontology The following figure illustrates a hospital data ontology (data schema) built into the visual query endpoint. The names of properties connecting the classes, if not specified, coincide with the target class name with lowercase first letter. There is default cardinality 1 assumption for all properties.

User study queries The user study queries, as shown to Latvian medicine students, with vocabulary translated into English are available, as the following image.

The user study itself is described in Extended UML Class Diagram Constructs for Visual SPARQL Queries in ViziQuer/web. at VOILA! 2017

Further query examples The following image illustrates a number of further query examples, including practical ones over the hospital data.