ViziQuer: A Visual Notation and Tool for RDF Data Analysis Queries

Demonstration material (synthetic hospital data).

Try the tool online to graphically construct and execute rich data analysis queries over RDF data
Login as to a demo environment, or register as a new user. Consult ViziQuer/web main page for introduction to the tool and resources to set up new user projects.

Check out the code to set up the tool locally.

Data schema The hospital data schema used in the project.
See also visualization of the schema

Query environment set-up
  • Sign up (create a new user) to the ViziQuer server.
  • Create an empty project (New project), enter the project name (e.g. Hospital).
  • Open the project and upload the diagram file Hospital.json

    Use the 'Upload project' button:

  • Import the data ontology into the project (use the ‘Import ontology’ button from the project toolbar):

  • Check that in the project settings pane the setting SPARQL Endpoint has the value and the Named Graph is set to MiniBkusEN_1 (the settings should be there, if the project is imported, in any case they can be adjusted manually).

    The settings:

  • Core team
  • Prof. Karlis Cerans
  • Dr. Agris Sostaks
  • Dr. Arturs Sprogis
  • Dr. Lelde Lace
  • Dr. Uldis Bojars
  • Dr. Juris Barzdins
  • Julija Ovcinnikova
  • Mikus Grasmanis
  • We work at Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Latvia

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