ViziQuer/DSS Tool for Visual RDF Data Set Exploration and Queries

Explore and Query DBPedia and other RDF Data Sets

DBPedia environment based on actual data schema with 480K classes and 50K properties

Query environment Open
Google Chrome browser is recommended (may work also in other browsers).

Register (sign up) as a new user (email checking not done, any e-mail-like string is accepted), then log in.

Create a new project (give at least the name for the project), you can choose 'Initialise by DBPedia sample project' to have the endpoint access pre-configured and some query examples available. If an empty project is created, its contents can be uploaded (button 'Upload Project') from the DBPedia sample project later.

Create a new diagram, click on the diagram pane. The tabs for classes, properties and individuals shall be to the right. Double-click an item in a list to seed a query from it.

General information about the ViziQuer visual notation and tool is available from the ViziQuer main page.

Contacts Contact for support, inquiries and any other ViziQuer-related matter. Direct team leader e-mail

  • If the connection to the database seems to be lost, check the DSS Schema parameter in the project settings.
  • If the buttons in the project diagram overview view are missing, refresh the page

  • Open source code Check the branch dss-based-schemata from Viziquer repository in GitHub for the visual tool version that works with a separate data schema server.

    The data shape server (serving the names for auto-completion) is in its own repository on GitHub.

    Schema database dump A dump of a snapshot of the PostgreSQL database used for storing the DBPedia schema information (including the class-property and property-property relations).