ViziQuer/web Tool for RDF Data Analysis Queries

Explore ISWC 2017 Metadata and other data sets

Data instance level and aggregate queries supported

Query environment Open
Login as to a demo environment, or register as a new user.

Data schema The ontology is downloaded from
A custom scholarly data ontology visualization is available (created by OWLGrEd)
data schema for new ViziQuer project configuration is available, as well.

Quick intro The query environment for every user is organized in projects. The project relies on data schema for name completion and SPARQL generation, as well as SPARQL endpoint connection for query execution. Every project consists of diagrams, there can be single or several queries in a diagram.

Enter the query environment with user for pre-configured demo and sandbox projects.
The Working examples below provides resources to set up new user projects.
An initial User manual is available, as well.

Consider main ViziQuer page for other examples and further information.

Working examples
Example Data schema SPARQL endpoint More..
ISWC 2017

A local data copy is at:
Named graph=iswc2017
See also more data at:
Ontology (scholarly data) source
Contacts Email for support (incl. server problem/downtime reports), local installation options and other ViziQuer-related matters

Main page Further information and examples on ViziQuer/web

Recent research
  • K.Cerans, J.Barzdins, A.Sostaks, J.Ovcinnikova, L.Lace, M.Grasmanis and A.Sprogis. Extended UML Class Diagram Constructs for Visual SPARQL Queries in ViziQuer/web In Voila!2017, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Vol.1947