Towards UML-style Visual Queries over Wikidata

Graphically construct and execute rich data analysis queries over Wikidata and other RDF Data Sets.

Material to support the ESWC 2022 Demo paper "Towards UML-style Visual Queries over Wikidata"

The Paper The paper is available for download from the ESWC 2022 conference site.
The paper: "Towards UML-style Visual Queries over Wikidata"

Publication by Springer: Towards UML-style Visual Queries over Wikidata

Local authors' manuscript:
ViziQuer tool Consult the ViziQuer main page for tool usage instructions and context information.

Query environment Open
Google Chrome browser is recommended (may work also in other browsers).

Register (sign up) as a new user (email checking not done, any e-mail-like string is accepted), then log in.

Create a new project (give at least the name for the project), initialize your project by the predefined wikidata project configuration ('Initialise by wikidata sample project'). If an empty project is created, its contents can be uploaded (button 'Upload Project') later from a sample project file or URL, as e.g., Wikidata sample project.

Create a new diagram, click on the diagram pane. The tabs for classes, properties and individuals shall be to the right. Double-click an item in a list to seed a query from it.

Demonstration Live interaction with the examples is welcome within the query environment (use 'Wikidata sample project' for the new project initialization).

Visual Query Library Available as a project within the query environment.

The project file can be separately downloaded (in JSON-based abstract syntax).

Analysis of wikidata example SPARQL query visualizations (.pdf)

The success rate of automated visualization along wikidata example SPARQL query categories:
Simple Queries2121100
Lexeme Queries1717100
Wikibase Predicates7887.5
Wikimedia projects1313100
Computer Science and Technology1111100
Biology and Medicine253073.33

Open Source The branch dss-based-schemata within Viziquer repository in GitHub contains the code of the visual tool version that works with a separate data shape server.

The code for data shape server (serving the names for auto-completion) is in its own repository on GitHub.

The code and instructions for retrieving and storing wikidata schema is in the wikidata folder within the data shape retrieval services repository.