Structured Semantic Data Search Tool

New! A version of ViziQuer available in web browser!

Overview ViziQuer allows graphical construction of SPARQL queries over given data schema that can be loaded from the ontology file or obtained by exploring a SPARQL endpoint. ViziQuer supports both simple and aggregate query formulation.

Download ViziQuer release 3.1.3 (14.10.2016)

ViziQuer release 3.1.2 (11.11.2015)

ViziQuer release 3.1.1 (13.10.2015)

ViziQuer release 3.0 (07.07.2015)

Requirements Windows XP SP2 or later
Instruction Download and unzip the archive to any folder on your computer.
Run the executable tda.exe.
First time you will be asked to register 2 components that are used by tool.
Choose 'Project->New project' for a new project, or 'Project->Open project' to open an existing project (projects are by default stored in Projects subfolder of the main tool folder).
Help More info available in user manual

Example An example mini-University ontology together with data triple set

Versions A page with earlier ViziQuer versions

Team Martins Zviedris, martins.zviedris at lumii lv
prof. Guntis Barzdins, guntis.barzdins at lumii lv
prof. Karlis Cerans, karlis.cerans at lumii lv
Julija Ovcinnikova, julija.ovcinnikova at lumii lv
Sergejs Rikacovs, sergejs.rikacovs at lumii lv

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  • See also OWLGrEd - a tool for graphical OWL ontology visualization and authoring.
    OBIS - Ontology Based Information System. By creating an ontolgy you can get a web based information system for data manipulation!