Schema Extractor for Visual Query Tool

Load extracted schemas into ViziQuer

About Extract RDF data graph schema from an OWL ontology or directly from a SPARQL endpoint (by examining its structure).

Check the README file at the code repository for a more detailed description.

Data format The schema extractor creates a custom-formatted JSON file listing the classes and properties, as well as subclass information, information about property applicability to class instances, and cardinalities. The schema information is ready to be loaded into the ViziQuer tool.

The data schema format is described here. A data schema example is available within the code repository.

There are services for saving the schema as OWL ontology after its loading into ViziQuer.

Running service example Currently located here.

To resolve occasional downtimes contact Kārlis Čerāns

Open source code Check out the code to set up the service locally.