ViziQuer Data Schema Store

Load a schema into ViziQuer

Introduction This page provides schemas of Linked Data endpoints, ready to be loaded into ViziQuer projects ('Import VQ Schema' button).

The sample projects (provided for some schemas) can be uploaded into the existing (e.g. newly created) projects to obtain a fully configured environment.

Most of the schemas are obtained by examining the SPARQL endpoint structure by the schema extractor.

Schema extractor Use the service running a schema extractor (from an OWL ontology or SPARQL data endpoint).
Download the schema extractor binary (java jar) or the code.
Learn about the schema format.

Selected data schemas and projects Upload a schema or entire project content to a created project environment.

Example Data schema SPARQL Endpoint Comments
Mini-university Schema
Sample Project
Named graph = MiniUniv
OWL ontology
Example data dump
Scholarly Data Schema
Sample Project OWL ontology (extracted)
Scholarly data site
OWL ontology (original)
UNSECO (SKOS) Schema SKOS ontology (extracted)
Linked movie data Download
Named graph = LinkedMDB
Credit ..
Hospital data Download
Visualization *
Named graph = MiniBkusEN_1
More ..
Data schema visualization is provided in OWLGrEd

Scroll down for example information details.

Scholarly Data Data schema (JSON)
SPARQL endpoint:
Notes: The schema has been tuned after its automated extraction e.g. by providing namespace prefixes.
Scholarly data OWL ontology (as extracted from the data endpoint)

UNESCO (SKOS) Data schema (JSON)
SPARQL endpoint:
SKOS ontology (as extracted from the data endpoint)
SKOS ontology visualization in OWLGrEd

Europeana (version May 2019) Data schema (JSON)
SPARQL endpoint:
Europeana OWL ontology (as extracted from the data endpoint)

Social Semantic Web Thesaurus Data schema (JSON)
SPARQL endpoint:
OWL ontology (as extracted from the data endpoint)

Wiki Pathways Data schema (JSON)
SPARQL endpoint:
Wiki Pathways OWL ontology (as extracted from the data endpoint)

Laboratory Information System Data schema (JSON)
SPARQL endpoint:
LIMS OWL ontology (as extracted from the data endpoint)